Corporate Sustainability at BioSYLx

BioSYLx intends to promote sustainability across the entire product value chain by ensuring fair trade with local farmers, promoting health benefits to global consumers and optimizing quality of product selection and processing.

BioSYLx endorses and support the regulation of Fair Trade for all our products and ingredients. We seek to build long term relationships of transparency and respect with local farmers, whom we have known for years, and bear their best interest in mind. We assist and train them in selecting high quality products. We pay equitable prices that encourage sustainable production. We also strive to sustain the viability of Acacia trees.

BioSYLx has its own processing facilities close to the best production areas, and does not blend with products from other regions. Our production facilities usecertified non-GMO, irradiation-free, allergen free, pesticide-free raw materials, to produce Kosher and Halal-certified products. We make complete safety datasheet available to all our customers upon request. We certify that our products are processed following the HACCP Standards and GMP (Good manufacturing practices), requested by the European Union legislation CE 852/2004.

We select our products based on their health benefits to global consumers, backed by clinical trials and peer-reviewed scientific literature. We also develop our own proprietary research on the products we market or intend to market.

Agricultural products are very important among the population for all the beneficial aspects of this economic activity.

BioSYLx and its local affiliates respect international working rights and wants to be a partner for job employment, villages equipment, support to non governmental organization and actions for Fair Trade.

We do not hoard and speculate on the price of our commodities. We buy products because we have identified an industrial user for them. We pay prices that allow our suppliers to make a sustainable profit.