Anti-Money Laundering Policy

The Client agrees to provide BioSYLx with whatever information we may require about the background of the Client’s company. BioSYLx reserves the right to refuse Clients.

BioSYLx has an obligation under International Money Laundering Regulations to ensure that we “know our Client” in order to protect ourselves in the event that any of our Clients should use a structure we setup for the purposes of any illegal activity.

It is our obligation not just to undertake a full and proper due diligence of our Clients and their current needs, but also to monitor and ensure that their business activities do not breech any international regulations.

We believe that our reputation and strict policies ensure that our associates are comfortable working with our Clients. Likewise, our Clients enjoy the benefit of receiving services from a provider that ensures excellent brand reputation and recognition in the international and financial community.

On one hand we respect our Clients need for confidentiality but on the other hand we do take care about the full identification of our Clients and the nature of their business. With reference to the aforesaid we have to evaluate the background of the company formation and the business activity of the company. We are not only dedicated to meet all requirements of our Clients but we are responsible to monitor and ensure that their activity does not violate any international standard.

BioSYLx reserves the right to cancel any or all services, if the activities of the Client are deemed to be illegal.

The Client remains totally responsible for all tax reports being filed within the legal periods and that all taxes are paid.

It is important our Clients’ are aware of their personal and corporate tax obligations in their country of residence and domicile; and they will fulfill those obligations annually.