Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct outlines the following principles that must be adhered to in all the aspects of our business operations:


Health and Safety

  1. Provide a safe and healthy workplace environment.
  2. Take effective steps to prevent potential accidents and injury to workers.
  3. Provide to personnel on a regular basis, effective health and safety instructions.
  4. Facilities should be maintained at least at the standards set forth in applicable codes, ordinances, regulations, and public policies in force in each country of operation.


Legal Requirements

  1. Comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations prevailing in the countries in which suppliers conduct business.
  2. Comply with all applicable local laws respecting the terms and conditions of labor:
    • Working Hours;
    • Compensation;
    • Equal Opportunity – promote employees based on their merits, without discrimination;
    • Freedom – respect employees’ lawful freedom of association and ability to work with government and communities to improve the overall economic and social well-being of these communities.
  3. Anti-Trust / Competition Law; Comply with applicable laws intended to promote fair and free competition.


Ethical Practices

  1. Conduct business activities with honesty and integrity & demonstrate the highest standards of business ethics.
  2. Respect customers’ and stakeholders’ intellectual property, trade secrets, prices, conditions and specific technical or commercial information considered to be confidential.
  3. Not transact with customers’ employees, or otherwise, engage in business relationships that violate anti-bribery laws around the world including bribes, kickbacks or other improper or unlawful payments.
  4. Business meals and invitations should be based on the principle of reciprocity, thus eliminating any suspicion of undue influence.