Our core mission includes three objectives:

  • Sourcing and delivering premium quality products for our consumers;
  • Enhancing the lives of our suppliers and partners in developing countries;
  • Promoting better consumer health through innovative products with unsurpassed health benefits.

Our dedication to innovation allows us to partner with our clients to continuously develop new products that address the needs of consumers. Our commitment to outstanding customer service is the foundation of our success. We have built our reputation based on the quality of our products, our ability to offer security of supply, and our outstanding customer service.



Our ultimate goal is to promote consumer health by sourcing and supplying natural ingredients with unsurpassed health benefits. We select ingredients with proven health benefits, and build long term relationships with suppliers in developing countries to make those ingredients available to our global clients. We employ manufacturing processes that protect the nutritional value of our ingredients and ensure the strictest quality control. We serve our customers with responsibly and with respect for native communities and the environment.



We strive to build long term relationships with both our suppliers and our customers. We ensure that our health claims are backed by research data and based on sound science. We care for all stakeholders in the value chain, and ensure a win-win relationship.

Social Responsibility

Our main goals is to improve the lives of local farmers in developing economies.

Vertical Integration

From the farm to the customer’s warehouse, we control the entire supply chain.

Buying Expertise

Due to our established relationships with local farms, we have the ability to source large volumes of high quality products.

Competitive Pricing

We maintain a lean cost structure, allowing us to offer moderate product pricing.

Product Traceability

We know exactly what we sell because we purchase, process and ship it ourselves.

Client Responsiveness

We deal with honesty and transparency with our clients. We do not have conflicting businesses.