Botanical Name: Cassia Senna L.

Scientific Name: Cassia Acutifolia Delile, sny. with Cassia Senna L. Also includes references to C. Angustifolia Vahl.

Family: Fabaceae (beans)


Senna Pods, also called Nubian Senna or Alexandrian Senna or even Khartoum Senna, grow in parts of Sudan and in some other Arabian countries.

The best Senna is distinguished by a bright yellowish-green color of the leaves with a faint odor resembling the smell of green tea and a bittersweet taste.

The plant has a pale green stem with long spreading branches. The sweetish taste of the leaves distinguishes Senna from the Argel leaves. It has small yellow flowers and oblong pods about 2 inches long and 7 to 7 inches broad.