Global Supplier of Organic Superfoods

We stock a variety of powerful and healing raw ingredients that provide fantastic health and nutritional benefits. Our organic ingredients are of the highest quality, underpinning the importance of wellbeing and follow a holistic approach.

Our customers can be assured that everything we do is driven by convenience, value and traceability.






Clients and stakeholders are encouraged to connect with us should potential synergies arise around building a network aligned to shared goals and principles.

Collectively, we can launch any project successfully, combining our expertise and experience:

  • Scouting locations and form local partnerships
  • Designing and characterizing products and services
  • Building operations from the ground up with a go-to market strategy within a given region.

We take the biodiversity of wildlife into account (and their habitats) when undertaking such initiatives. In addition, we are conscious of the various interests of rural communities, marketers, consumers and benefactors.


We are also able to procure other organic superfoods outside of the initial range provided on our site. View our extensive product list for other exciting ingredients or connect with us directly about placing a custom order.


Biosylx is passionate about promoting health and wellbeing by creating a platform where clients can easily purchase the highest quality organic superfood ingredients.

We deal with organisations in the food, nutrition and cosmetics industries at large and advocate sustainability for both biodiversity and socioeconomic development, striving to make a difference in the communities where we work.

First Pick of the Harvest

Through the Generations

One of our main objectives is to focus on actively improving the lives of local farmers and wild harvesters in the rural communities whilst developing the economies where we work.


Food Safety


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