An Organic Portfolio for Greener & Healthier Labels

Close To The Tree, Close To The Consumer

We have adopted one mindset – stay as close to the tree as possible!

When we source our ingredients directly from our partner farmers it enables us to promote organic and sustainable agriculture, staying as close to the consumer as possible. Consequently, processing can be carried out within our own facilities and we can directly transact with the end consumer.

Functional, Nutritious and Tasty

We have always prioritized products that carry proven health and nutritional benefits. All our ingredients are not just technically functional but are aimed to add significant nutritional value to your products. Not to mention the great quality in the taste and aroma.

Organically Certified

Our products are natural, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan and kosher certified. They are raw for all intents and purposes, only superficially processed to fulfill their designated functionality. Additives are not an option for us. Due to our organic certifications, you will have the freedom to clean up your labels and fulfill the growing demand that customers must consume environmentally friendly, healthy and naturally produced products.

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