About Us

Biosylx was born out of a passion for providing natural and organic superfood ingredients mostly from non-cultivated natural resources that are sustainably and economically sourced while maintaining their purity and functionality.

We are directly present and invested in the regions from where we source our ingredients (mainly Sub-Saharan and Southern Africa) as this helps us to leverage accurate and timeous information related to fluctuations in climate, quality or price.

Our experience in sourcing from the Sub-Saharan fragile ecosystem working closely with agriculturists and traditional herbal specialists on the ground provide our clients with more in-depth expertise where projects from wild-crafted natural resources can be developed.

99% of our products are sourced from wildcrafting, which involves local communities in organising the collection of raw materials on which we rely. Our “Gums and Resins” products symbolise the sap of life which is a great analogy reminding us about our obligation to always nurture the environment and the communities from where our ingredients originate.

Our Strengths

Global team with decades of experience in the natural ingredients, flavour, health, nutritional and cosmetic industries at large.
International footprint and broad reach with a specific focus on Sub-Saharan and Southern Africa.
The ability to source nutritious high-quality natural superfood ingredients providing fantastic health benefits.
Excellent customer service built on trust, reliability, and mutual respect.
An active commitment to economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Our Goals


Promoting health and wellness by:

Offering natural and organic superfood ingredients with proven health benefits, making it easier for consumers to choose a healthier lifestyle.

Empowering the local communities where we are present by creating employment opportunities, helping them to be active contributors to their local economies. This in essence helps us to build more fruitful relationships with our suppliers.

Creating a sustainable supply chain. This enables us to grow the market by increasing the stability and resilience of supply, quality and price points. It also helps to minimize our environmental impact.

Focusing on sustainability and minimizing our environmental impact by maintaining a robust and adaptive infrastructure. The ingredients which we source are threatened by environmental impact with sustainability being key to our long-term survival.

Our Mission


Biosylx seeks to promote health and wellness by offering organic, natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced. Our aim is to build a mutually beneficial and long-term relationship with our suppliers and customers by staying true to our values. Our strategy focuses on supporting and investing in our suppliers and customers as we believe we bridge the gap between them. The ingredients which we procure and make available are the goods that cross that bridge. The foundation of this bridge is the relationship we have built and continue to maintain with our suppliers and customers. We build and strengthen this relationship by adhering to our values.

Our Values

1. Excellent Customer Service

We define ourselves by how well we serve others. We value fruitful relationships and are committed to delivering value and excellent customer service.

2. Quality

We provide products of the highest quality by ensuring that traceability and safety measures are adhered to. Our customers expect the best, and we are passionate about exceeding their expectations.

3. Integrity

We are committed to being ethical and upholding the highest standards of integrity and transparency in all our actions.

4. Teamwork

We work collaboratively across borders to deliver our brand’s promise to our customers. We are innovative, flexible and open to receiving feedback from our customers and suppliers to improve our operations even further.

5. Mutual Respect

We are a diverse and inclusive company serving a cosmopolitan global clientele. We are committed to creating a safe working environment, building a culture of mutual respect and interdependence, trust and respect. Our individual contributions enable our collective success.

6. Care for our Communities and the Environment

We strive to make a difference in the communities and regions where we are present. Our commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility is growing as we continue translating our commitment from everyday internal practices to official certified operations.

7. Trust

Customers choose us because they trust our brand and people. We earn that trust by being reliable, consistent, and serving with the highest standard of integrity.

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