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Gums & Resins


A gum that is extruded from the acacia tree and a dietary fibre that can easily dissolve in water. The hardened sap of various species of the acacia tree is known as the acacia gum and is used as an emulsifier in food, a binder for watercolour painting, an additive to ceramic glazes and has many other applications.

Every time you drink soda, swallow a capsule, enjoy a jellybean or lick a postage stamp, you are ingesting gum acacia.


The ancient Egyptians used it to embalm their pharaohs. The Greeks and the Romans believed in its ability to cure illnesses, and due to its many benefits, it was once more expensive than gold. One of the oldest substances scattered along with the pages of holy and history books.

Butters, Oils and Waxes


Beeswax is a coveted resource within our portfolio not only for its many applications, but also as a key raw material, used since prehistory as the first plastic, lubricant and waterproofing agent. It is also a renewable resource essential to the survival of humanity through pollination.


These 10-meter in height, drought-resistant marula trees thrive in arid areas. The ingredients of the Marula tree are used in food and traditional medicine throughout Africa. Marula oil is the new leading ingredient for skin hydration, firmness and luminosity. Being high in protein with the ability to easily absorb makes marula oil a wonderful treatment for hair and skin.

Botanicals, Herbs and Spices


We have our very own certified custom-built production facility for processing all our baobab powder & oil with established sources in Eastern, Southern & Central Africa. This enables us to supply fresh processed baobab powder & cold pressed oil continuously throughout the year with no interruptions.


Hibiscus plants are known for their colourful red flowers (although they come in a variety of colours). These fragrant flowers are used to treat a variety of ailments providing many nutritional benefits. The flowers and leaves can be made into teas and liquid extracts, deliciously citric in taste and full of antioxidants.


Rosehip is the fruit that forms from the blossoms of the wild rose plant. It is one of the newer additions to our portfolio. Used in both the food and cosmetics industries, it has a multitude of benefits containing several important antioxidants. We supply both rosehip shells and oil.


Sesame seeds are rich in oil and derive from the sesame plant. The plant flowers and produces pods that contain edible sesame seeds. The seeds can be pressed for sesame oil and contain a nutty flavour providing many applications for the food and edible oil industries. Our seeds originate from the premium Gedaref region in Sudan.

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