Cera flava, better known as beeswax, is prepared by melting and purifying the honeycomb of the honeybee. The mixing of pollen oils into honeycomb wax turns the white wax into a yellow or brown colour.


We can procure African beeswax (rich yellow to orange colour) from Central & East African regions.


Beeswax is often combined with other ingredients and modified to improve its properties, sparking the development of adulterated beeswax and various synthetic waxes that are more cost-effective to produce. Organic beeswax is extremely popular amongst consumers who today are more health conscious and prefer to purchase more natural products.

Most of our beeswax harvesters are organically certified by Ecocert, a leading industry body that promotes good environmental and societal practices across all sectors, all over the world.

We carry out a systematic analysis of physiochemical parameters, adulterants and contaminants to ensure that health and security standards are being met.


To obtain the best quality beeswax, we have implemented a control test system which ensures that all critical points of the wax are carried out following a filtration method that applies strong attention to detail.


With beeswax being a coveted resource within our portfolio, pollination is a vital process of nature and is extremely important in the food growing processes. Without the necessary number of pollinators, we would not be able to grow the crops necessary for food. With honey bees being the most widely known pollinators, pretty much one in three bites of our food includes a bee-pollinated product. Our diet without bees would be limited and dull.


Lip, hair & skin care

There are many beauty uses for beeswax beyond lip products. It is very soothing for dry skin from head to toe and serves to protect and lock in moisture.
Some amazing benefits include the following:
  • helps with chapped lips
  • helps with eczema (being anti-inflammatory and antibacterial in nature)
  • assists with acne
  • assists with dry skin
  • improves fine lines and wrinkles
  • assists with sensitive skin
  • great for moisturizing hair and to soothe your scalp

Self-Care & Decor

Beeswax is the oldest candle making wax. The alluring scent of wax, honey and flower pollen creates an enchanting atmosphere and fresh air.

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